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Testimonial of international students

I think that all in all the stay in France is an experience I would not want to miss! The international office on the side of France as well as our own did all they could to make this event possible. The french students were very welcoming and also the french international team including Sandrine Gruffaz was very kind and helpful with any issues that might arise! The cultural exchange was also very interesting to me.

The whole experience made the stay very unique and i learned alot about french culture and french people!

One international student from International Electrical Engineering  Semester


Committed Lecturers. They often went the extra mile to explain in detail.Well resourced labs.Overly Friendly Staff.

Teachers were exceptionally friendly and did well to ensure All students were abreast with the course and had all necessary materials.  Many had a remarkable control and comprehension over the courses. Lastly, the Program Lead, Sandrine was and is very caring. Not only did She deliver Her course with excellence but brought on board a global perspective on the different technologies for generating Electricity. More so, on a personal level, She took the pains to assist with My Travel, Accommodation, Integration into the French (Annecy) community and above all else, ensured All Students were safe and sound during the COVID 19 pandemic. Her weekly follow-ups were very reassuring.

One international student from International Electrical Engineering  Semester


The I3S Bachelor is a very hands-on and practical course, which uses real-life examples and case studies from the world of sports business.  This Bachelor has equipment me with the skills and knowledge to work alongside a growing sports business.  I also loved how I could combine my passion for sports with my passion for business.

Jake S. – Bachelor I3S (Student from University of the West of Scotland, UK)



Taking part in this international semester was a great experience. The link between English, physics and energy classes was very cool to understand well how a solar panel works as a whole. Moreover, working with foreign students was very enriching. It’s a very good idea to welcome foreign students to work with people who have another culture, and also to improve some skills in practical English (in real life).I really enjoyed this semester because I improved my skills in English language and I met very nice people. I really enjoyed the main topic studied (energy), which was explained from several angles in several subjects. I thank all the teachers for their help and their work so that this semester runs in the best conditions.
It was a great experience to work in a multilingual and multidisciplinary team!

A French student from International Electrical Engineering semester



My experience at the IUT of Annecy was incredible from the first moment. To start off, the city has a charm and a landscape that with its mountains and lakes makes it the perfect environment to study.

Moreover, I must say that I was impressed with the infrastructures of the campus of the Université Savoie Mont Blanc. They are provided with all kind of facilities that a student may need, such as restaurants, cafeterias, libraries, laboratories, etc.

Regarding the education, I feel very grateful for the integration provided by the teachers and the students. Since the beginning, they were really helpful with me. As I was the only person from abroad in my career, they were always taking care of my needs; they explained me what I couldn’t understand, and they make me feel like I was one of them. Besides, they gave me the opportunity to constantly improve my level of languages, and they made me discover a vast variety of cultures, thanks to the activities organized by the University.

To conclude with, thanks to this experience I’ve been able to enrich myself with an excellent training and experience that will mark a before and after in my personal life.

Juan Ignacio R. – Bachelor’s degree MERE (Student from Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Argentine)


I had the opportunity to be part of the Erasmus program in 2019. It is a plus to have the courses in English. Also, with this program you are able to have an internship opportunity at the end of the semester. Although Annecy can be considered as a small city, there are lots of events organised by the university for international students. You can enjoy the nature of the Rhone Alpes. I wish to thank the University staff, they helped me a lot if I had any problem. I would like also to say special thanks to Mrs. Sandrine Gruffaz who is the Head of International Semester. I am satisfied with the program and I can easily recommend.

Mertcan I. – International Electrical Engineering Semester (Student from TOBB University of Economics & Technology, Ankara, Turquie)